A Tattooed Student Body

       Some do it to fit in, others to stand out, some to express culture, others religion. Some don’t know why they do it at all. It allows you to remember where you’ve been, sometimes where you’re going. Sometimes you wish it wasn’t there. Whether it be the birth of a child, or death of a loved one you will never forget the pain. Maybe it’s the hot burning sensation of the needle, or knowing you’re finally part of a stereotype, the adrenaline one feels can be described as jumping out of a plane with no parachute. Some enjoy it, others call it an addiction. Either way tattoos have taken over our generation like an outbreak of Black Death in the fifteenth century.  


"I like the way they allow me to express myself"

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Behind The Ink

Name: Adam Miles
Occupation: Currently Unemployed
Status: Sophomore at Las Positas College
# Of Tattoo's: 3

Why get a tattoo?
"I got my tattoos because they are meaningful to me and they look stellar. I really like the artwork aspect of them."

Do you plan on getting more tattoo's in the future?
"Absolutely, I like the way they allow me to express myself."

What is the meaning behind your tattoos?
"The tattoo on my back is to express my love for music; 
The tattoo behind my ear is my adoptive parents initials."

What was your parents reaction to your new ink?
"My parents were surprised at first, but accepted them in the end."

Are you currently unemployed because finding a job has been difficult as a result of your tattoos?
"Absolutely not. I specifically got my tattoos in places they could be hidden."

Would you recommend getting a tattoo to someone else?
"Only if they want a form of self expression for life. They have to be for you and no one else."

What "kind" of people do you think get tattoos?
"Now a days all kinds of people have different reasons for getting them, that is why the people who have them are so diverse. Our generation has definitely broken the past tattoo stereotypes."

Where did you go to get your tattoos?
"I got all three of my tattoo's done at Stay True Tattoo in Dublin."

How did you decide where to get them placed?
"I wanted them to be able to be hidden so I went with my back and behind my ear."